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Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting brings luxurious beauty to any Napa, California venue. 

Whether you are hosting a church wedding, a corporate Holiday party, or high school prom, you want your day to be magical.

Elite  can help you create the wedding, reception, or party of your dreams with our lighting rental packages.


You have an option with any of

16 million + color choices

Enhance the chapel with soft lights and an illusion of stars or uplights.

The experts at Elite are highly trained and skilled in the art and science of lighting to create the atmosphere you desire.

Lighting engineers have been using ambient lighting for decades for commercial gain. Lighting makes your event authentic, and uniquely your own. Napa, CA has no shortage of venues or locations that are available for your next event. Elite will assist you in making those locations even better.


Lighting rentals are not limited to any occasion. In fact, lighting is an important factor in all events. Kick your party or reception up a notch with lighting that excites and creates the mood of fun and excitement. The senses come alive with lighting, music, and food. Adding a visual sensation strokes the consciousness. Lighting is the wow factor that turns any party into a celebration. Fine restaurants, country clubs, and cathedrals have ambient lighting that creates the appropriate

atmosphere for their clientele.

Lighting is an art and a science. It is well researched and effective.

By including lighting rentals for your event, you are in effect adding your signature to the celebration.  

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